What You Like, When You Like

Bored with that same old cell phone case? Also tired of spending lots of money on cases at the store? What you are looking for is The Erase Case. A sleek and simple iPhone case that you get to design or color. You mark it up, our special markers stay on. And The Erase Case can be wiped clean within seconds with the cleaning solution. So you can do it all over again, but better!

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Unlimited Creativity

The erase case is a special product because it’s the only iPhone case that can change with your mood, your favorite color, band or team. The only real limitation is your own creativity.

Stays On When You Want

The Erase Case markers are a special marker that apllies naturally to The Erase Case and stays on without smudging or leaving your case stained. Keep it plain and simple with the included Black Marker OR change it up with our variety of Colored Markers.

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Cleans When you Need

With The Erase Case you don’t have to settle on the same design. Spray on our special solution and the marker wipes right off with a paper towel or tissue. It’s back to it’s original bright white again, just like magic.

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