The Erase Case

Won't Smear or Smudge

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Erase with Ease

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I was VERY skeptical that the markers wouldn't stay on, but it worked perfectly! I was also surprised how fun it was to doodle on the case! Definitely worth the $30 I spent!
If you're someone like me who is constantly switching up cases, and buying new cases, this is for you. It amazes me how well it works, until you apply the spray, your creation does not wipe off! This case is worth it!


The Erase Case Demo

The Erase Case design will not remove when case is wiped - watch video to see!

How It Works

Design your Erase Case

Designing your Erase Case is a fun and relaxing way to express yourself through your phone case!

Use The Erase Case

The Erase Case is a great place to take notes. Your creation will only erase by applying the Erasing Solution!

Erase & re-design

Keep your forever or erase it only by applying Erasing Solution.